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Adir Rafael began his career in the security and defense industry in 2008 when he joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Adir served as a tank commander. During his service, his unit deployed to more than five fronts protecting all Israeli borders, installations and facilities. Adir retired as a staff sergeant and was awarded numerous combat awards during his service.


Shortly after his retirement, Adir was recruited to the Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) as a special agent and participated in numerous operations protecting Israeli officials and facilities. In 2014, Adir joined the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was appointed to secure the Israeli Consulate in New York and its Mission to the United Nations. During his service, he was also responsible for the personal protection of Israeli Ambassadors, delegates and officials. 


Upon his retirement from the Israeli Government, Adir decided to utilize the skills gained throughout his career and joined a consulting firm to supervise the security operations of a number of large private organizations that sought to reinforce their security arrangements in the Greater New York Area.


In 2018, Adir relocated to Charlotte, NC to introduce Jericho Tactical Academy, LLC and provide civilians and law enforcement agencies access to field-proven defensive systems in a mission to equip those with tools to eradicate violence and crime and create safer communities in the US. In 2019, Adir expanded Jericho's reach and introduced complete security solutions to Education Facilities, Houses of Worship, Healthcare facilities, and Private organizations in a mission to save lives by providing proper emergency procedures tailored to any organization operations and culture.

Our mission is to save lives by providing proper emergency procedures & security services tailored to your organization's culture and operations. Jericho Security Consulting LLC provides complete security solution to Education Facilities, Houses of Worship, Healthcare Facilities and private organizations. Jericho's methods are field-proven and inspired by one of the world's most prestigious security agencies (Shin-Bet). Jericho's motto in all angles of security and training is that "if your plan is not simple, it will simply not happen". We differentiate ourselves by thinking outside of the box and tailoring unique emergency plans that will help your organization survive an emergency. Our complete security packages will not only train your staff to respond, it will also follow them during drills and provide necessary feedback to reach better future results. Jericho will be there with you.   

Besides providing top-tier security consultations to organizations, Jericho owns and operate a state-of-the-art training facility located near Denver, NC. We provide firearms and self-defense training to the general public and law enforcement units in a goal to educate, prepare and better our student’s chances to skillfully survive emergency situations. Our mission is to save lives by training groups and individuals to avoid becoming victims of violence and terror while creating an extraordinary experience for our students.

We offer various training programs available to any individual who wish to build or enhance his / her self-defense skills and attitude.


Our programs include:

  • Krav Maga Self-defense Program

  • Firearms Training Program

  • Fitness Bootcamp Program 

  • Self-defense seminars

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