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Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is an official report that lists the organization's vulnerabilities to a variety of security threats. The risk assessment report is divided into five (5) different sections:


  • Access


  • Technology & Cyber

  • Security Personnel


  • Operations


  • Emergency


During the introduction phase, our consultant will tour your facility and observe the organization's day to day activities. We will review any existing security protocols and assess their compatibility and ease of use. We will also provide your employees with an opportunity to rate the level of security in the organizations based on their personal views, and lastly, provide an official Security & Safety Recommendations Report for your facility. The Security Risk Assessment Report (SRA) is necessary for any organization. It is a road map of all necessary improvements needed in your organization, and it provides the head of the organization with a clear idea of the projects needed, their priority, and the estimated budget.  In addition, an official Security Risk Assessment (SRA) report is a prerequisite for any organization seeking a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Security grants.


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