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Private or public organizations are vulnerable to a variety of threats. Banks, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls, and Corporate offices have different objectives when it comes to security, but most organizations don’t know that it is their responsibility to take all means necessary to ensure safety for its staff and clients. In some cases, organizations can be held liable for not taking proper actions related to security. Proper security arrangements will not only increase the safety of your staff and clients, it will also create a better organizational flow allowing your staff to focus on their job descriptions.


Jericho assists Private or Public Organizations in:


  • Formulating Risk Assessment Reports

  • Developing a complete Emergency Manual

  • Conducting periodical Staff Training Sessions

  • Manage Emergency Drills (Fire, Lockdown, Shelter-in-Place)

  • Install Access Control Systems

  • Securing Large Events

  • Hiring Security Officers

  • Secure VIP's

  • Conducting periodical Security Officers Training Sessions

  • Formulating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for Security Staff

  • Including Scenario-based training to all staff and security personnel

  • Managing Security Projects

  • Involving Law Enforcement

  • Mapping Potential Safety Hazards

  • Mitigating Cyber attack threats


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