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Schools and academies are places were ideologies, opinions, and views are being presented. Often, education facilities are also associated with a specific religion making it highly vulnerable to a number of security threats. Aside from physical attacks, schools are also vulnerable to cyber-attacks threatening to gain access to sensitive information.


Jericho cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper staff training in any educational facility. Each teacher, administrator, or assistant, plays a crucial role during emergencies to ensure a proper response that leads to safety even when facing the worst.


Jericho assists educational facilities in:


  • Formulating Risk Assessment Reports

  • Developing a complete Emergency Manual

  • Conducting periodical Staff Training Sessions

  • Manage Emergency Drills (Fire, Lockdown, Shelter-in-Place)

  • Install Access Control Systems

  • Securing Large Events

  • Hiring Security Officers

  • Conducting periodical Security Officers Training Sessions

  • Formulating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for Security Staff

  • Managing Security Projects

  • Involving Law Enforcement

  • Mapping Potential Safety Hazards

  • Mitigating Cyberattack threats


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