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Healthcare Facilities including Hospitals and Private Practices are places of high emotions. Most individuals found at healthcare facilities are not only carrying an injury or illness to them or their relatives but are also carrying a financial burden for their treatments. Healthcare workers are often placed in close proximity to the general public at their worst times; That, naturally increases their risk of being attacked during their service. Additionally, Healthcare facilities are places where controlled substances can be found and accessed increasing the risk of criminal activity. And lastly, Healthcare facilities are storing a large database of highly sensitive information that can fall into the wrong hands during a potential cyberattack. Implementing proper security measures is crucial to ensure the safety of facilities' staff and patients.


Jericho assists Healthcare facilities in:


  • Formulating Risk Assessment Reports

  • Developing a complete Emergency Manual

  • Conducting periodical Staff Training Sessions in basic self-defense, preventative actions, and de-escalation techniques.

  • Manage Emergency Drills (Fire, Lockdown, Shelter-in-Place)

  • Install Access Control Systems

  • Hiring Security Officers

  • Conducting periodical Security Officers Training Sessions

  • Formulating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for Security Staff

  • Including Scenario-based training to all staff and security personnel

  • Managing Security Projects

  • Involving Law Enforcement

  • Mapping Potential Safety Hazards

  • Mitigating Cyber threats


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